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 Can any1 help the beginners?

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PostSubject: Can any1 help the beginners?   Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:14 am

I;m new into this game; i want to start playing now, i've just downloaded the game and waited fot the 7-days trial key to come i secondthought it and i decided to play on a private server till that key comes. So i have the game but i can't do myself an account, i've only managed to do this server acc, i can't download clownms client because it says that the key i've given is invalid (what key is he talking about?) and i don't understand a thing about that hamachi thing so if some1 ever have time to help please write a couple of lines and enlighten us Very Happy

P.S. sry for my english i'm romanian
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Can any1 help the beginners?
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