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 Field of Judgement (FoJ)

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PostSubject: Field of Judgement (FoJ)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:27 pm

This is the guide for Field of Judgement (FoJ)
It will tell you more about FoJ...

- What is FoJ?
FoJ is actually an IN-GAME event that open every 4 hrs...
You will be warped into a map which you will have to compete with other maplers.
Once the event starts, many monsters will spawn all at the same time.
Whoever who scores the most points by killing the most monsters will win the event...

- What time does FoJ open?
usually the server will notify everybody when the FOJ doors are open...
the door to FoJ opens 5 mins b4 every 4, 8 and 12 am/pm... (+8 GMT)
and closes exactly at 4, 8 and 12 am/pm...
(This is accurate in MapleGlobal. Times may be different in ClownMS)

- How do I enter FoJ?
Once the FoJ announcement has been broadcasted, go to Ellinia.
At the bottom left of the map, there is a NPC by the name of Ria.
click on her and pay 1M meso to go into the FoJ map.

- How do I earn points in FoJ?
Points are gained from killing the monsters that spawn in the map.
Points are as follows:
15 points for boss monsters and
1 point each for every other non-boss monsters

- What happens if I win/lose?
After all monsters have been killed, points are allocated to all players who are in
the map depending on how many of what monsters you have killed.
Only 1 person who scored the highest amount of points wins the event.
All other players lose...
If you happen to lose, you will get warped out of the map...
If you happen to be the winner, you will stay in the map for another 2 minutes...
In this 2 mins, there will be a random item somewhere in the map.
You have to look for it within the 2 minutes before you get warped out...

- What do we get from FoJ?
If you are the winner, you stand a chance of getting a random item...
items are usually scrolls and low lvl swords,
sometimes heartstoppers and Ssiws cheese and Oynx Apples.
You also stand a chance of winning maple throwing stars and the highly sought after - Crystal Ilbis...

- Will we get NX items from FoJ?
FoJ used to drop NX items like Seraphims,
cloud 9 pillows, sausages and etc.
However, NX items have been removed from FoJ,
so they no longer drop anymore...
All u get now are some useless drops and equips.

- Do we gain Guild Points (GPs) in FoJ?
Yes you do, only if you win.
However, if you lose, your GP will also decrease.

- What is the level requirement to participate in FoJ?
In order to be able to enter the FoJ map,
you'll need to be AT LEAST lvl 21...

- What monsters will I be facing if i enter FoJ?
It depends on your current level, and depends on which maps u go into.

- How many maps are there in FoJ?
There are a total of 5 FOJ maps catered for different level groups in a single channel.
They are as follows:
Level 21 - 30 : Barlrogs and Rombots
Level 31 - 50 : Star Pixies and Alishar
Level 51 - 70 : Blue/Green Goblins and Angry Lord Pirates
Level 71 - 90 : Werewolves, Lycantrophies and Papa Pixies
Level 91 - 200 : Sharks, Vikings and Zombies
Monsters that are highlighted in RED are boss monsters and each of them carry 15 points when killed,
since there are 5 different maps catering to the different lvl groups.

- Tips on winning FOJ -

- Since boss monsters each carry 15 points, and all other monsters are only worth 1 point,
it makes common sense to attack the boss monsters.
Killing 1 boss monster is better than killing 10 noob monsters...

- Use high dmg melee skills to aim for the bosses,
skills like rush work very well on bosses...
AOE skills like Dragon Roar or Arrow Rain is only effective if you can kill the monsters in 1 hit.
Though AOE skills enable u to kill up to 12 monsters at one time,
someone else using rush on bosses might win you in terms of points.

- Enter FOJ when you are of lower level, as many of the players in ClownMS are high lvls,
and majority of the FoJ players are within the 91 - 200 range,
all of them will be clogged up in a map competing with one another.
Being lower than lvl 90 enables u to break free from most of the competition and might even allow you to enter an empty lower range map guaranteeing you a 100% win as there are no competitors.

- Speed is essential.
Kill monsters faster than your opponent might give you an added advantage in FoJ.

The key to winning in FOJ...
Never talk or chat in FOJ. because you might miss the first few seconds after the monsters spawned
unless u are alone in the map as the monsters spawn EXACTLY 1 minute after the door closes.
You can try this:
Focus on the chat bar, and once you see "[Event] XXX player have won XXX mesos",
you know the door is closed and monsters will spawn exactly 1 minute later.
So right after you see the announcment, immediately consume a heartstopper.
(Heartstoppers have a duration of 1 minute so it'll help you keep track of the time)
Once you see the heartstopper icon on the top right starting to blink
you know you have only 5 secs before the monsters spawn.
Eat another heartstopper if u want to increase your dmg and await the arrival of our "guests"

End of FoJ Guide...


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PostSubject: Re: Field of Judgement (FoJ)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:52 pm

Woow Nice guide Yuuko =D
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PostSubject: Re: Field of Judgement (FoJ)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:34 pm

Thanks Jenny.

Anyway, if there are any errors in this guide, please post them below and I will edit it, people. =D

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PostSubject: Re: Field of Judgement (FoJ)   

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Field of Judgement (FoJ)
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