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 T/F Event? What Is It?

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PostSubject: T/F Event? What Is It?   Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:39 pm

Hai everyone here Kev Tell you about T/F Event


What It is?

T/F is a quostian game when the leader of the event asking quostian on the server/ms

Where It is expend?

it is expend at the PVP map

I know you wondering: this is suck game and all
But no!

because you dont answer T Or F you go to the side you think it is

Then the leader start to count from 10 to 0 when he done he Kill All with killmap

and the side wrong press okay and go away after they go he do healmap and start agian with

more quostian the one who know all the quostian WInner the Prizze will be something Like

Scrolled +50 one stuff or 7 gm scrolls

The Event suposto take time something like 30min and much more

here Exmple

the leader asking quostian:

Bob is a snil?(True)

then everyone go to the side they think it is right

<--------------T F----------------->

The leader do killmap the side worong press "ok"

and get out

Tell me if you know what i am talking about if not This is your Problam \

Joking tell me and I will explain you at the Game


Thanks Kev.
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T/F Event? What Is It?
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