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 [GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p

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PostSubject: [GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:58 am

1. Removal of the "witch" - change for 4th job since we have cody whats the point of having it again =p

2. New npc: "Spinel" a 3 in warper which an warp you different places instead of extra 2 npc =)
- Town
- Monster Maps
- Boss Places

3. A change of place for pvp and the reducion of damage, instead of going in to fm and deal 30k damage which is a instant damage you would find it boring 1hit ko wheres the "fun" to it =(

4. Put a status board in which people see whether server is online or offline (to my option people keep on asking whether the server is on or whatever is that =\ will this is not necessary is up to the forum manager =p)

5. Reduce the meso drop rate so that people could really bother to get meso and sell off their stuff at a price

6. Putting categlories which are like main title in forum and a small description about each title topics like
Categlories: Annoncement (Note: not necessary to add Categlories.)
- Forum Announcement : (Small Description - note not necessary to add) Announcement made only in Forum blah blah
- Server Announcement : Announcement made anything happen in the Server

Categlories: ClownMS Discussion
- General Discussion : (Small Description) Discuss anything about ClownMS
- Intoduce yourself : New member here? Come here and introduce yourself to make yourself known to this server
- Buy : Buy stuff in ClownMS whom willing to sell to you
- Sell : Players that are selling
Categlories: Off-Topic Discussion
- Songs : blah blah blah
- Animes : blah blah blah
- Spams : blah blah blah

7. This suggestion could be abit sensitive to some or most players. Wipe Off all the 32k stats stuff from players and 29k items and to me it is good also new players wont have to ask wow how do you get those items then ask to give
(note: so tell me why the heck get those items for, it is so imba and so whats the point of scrolling since you get those godly items, there wont be the fun to it and the meso will be useless in any form no fun of selling or fun of buying. With those godly items the damage is so high then you will say oh so high damage boring killing boss = no kick take 5sec to down the boss yawn. Without the shitting gay godly weapon i could say that wow i can deal this damage and wow he could deal this damage then you could compete and scroll more items to compete and compare and sell/buy for the market rather than sitting there build castles in the air and soon people will like oh boring another lame server or maybe you guys wont think that because we got fun events well thats true.)

8. A change of the server from hamachi to a localhost. This will depends to the owner to see whether it lags or not.

9. This will link to suggestion number 2, New command for players, "@spinel". it allows people to warp around easily without having the timeto click trade and go fm or for those who are stuck unable to click fm from various places and it is also good so that people could enjoy more fun time instead of stuck in a unknown place.

10. Server upgrade? bleh i fine whether you guys want to change to other version. if most people want a server upgrade ill post it up for a poll to choose =) majority wins but it is also not necessary depends on the owner

11. Removal of chairs, we could also give them out as a event prizes so that among the players can trade or sell or buy =) no good?

12. Under the [GM]application we could change to Application and split it up to different categlories like Moderator, GM application , Super Moderator. But is up to the forum manager

13. When posting in forum instead those post reply appearing on top it should be below the 1st post =)

14. Show the recently posted titles by the players in the forum

15. Link from suggestion from suggestion 6, follow the order below for the forum

- Forum Announcement
- Server Announcement

Server Downloads

ClownMS Disscusion
- Introduce Yourself
- General Disscusion
- Buy
- Sell
- Application
- Videos
- Problems (like any problems you find in the server)
- Suggestion

Off-Topic Disscusion
- Disscussion
- Songs
- Anime
- Videos
- Spam (remove the post from players prevent cheating bleh =p)

Vote the Server
------------------------------------------------------------ END --------------------------------------------------------------------

Love you guys for enjoy the server by your beloved gm [GM]Lovebites
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PostSubject: Re: [GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p   Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:48 pm

U meanie i wan to keep my max stats items F5! Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: [GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p   Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:33 pm

Lol Divinityz anyway good suggestion
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PostSubject: Re: [GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p   

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[GM]Lovebites - New Suggestions im back =p i maybe abit mean but is for the server good =p
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