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 Skills to keep when rebirth

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PostSubject: Skills to keep when rebirth   Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:50 pm

This is just a guide recommending the skills you should save before you rebirth/ reborn to other jobs.
So, its up to you if you want to follow it. =O

Screenshot of Skills

9:Soul Arrow__0:Maple Warrior__-:Echo of Hero__=:Shadow Partner__T:Infinity__Y:Beholder__]:Concentrate
D:Dragon Roar__F:Genesis__H:Hero's Will__J:Holy Charge__;:Ressurection__':Holy Symbol
X:Hurricane__B:Heal__N:Haste__,:Enrage__.:Mystic Door
Shift:Teleport__Ctrl:Power Stance__Alt: Flash Jump__Ins:Magic Guard__Del:Bow Booster (Change it to the weapon you are using)__Hm:Shadow Claw__End:Combo Attack__Pup:Sharp Eye

Ignore U-Bahamaut and V-Big Bang (Forgot to remove them)

* Not useful

1. Bishop

Useful skills: Magic Guard, Infinity, Teleport, Heal, Holy Symbol, Mystic Door, Resurrection, Genesis.

- Magic Guard is really useful when you fight bosses like Papulatus or Zakum. When they use skills such as reducing your HP to 1, it doesn't really happen if you have Magic Guard on. Hence, you have more time to consume pots before they hit you again.
-Infinity allows you to use skills without using your MP. This is really useful especially if you use skills such as Genesis, Blizzard and Meteor Shower.
- Teleport is always useful. (If you have Flash Jump, you don't really need it anymore)
- Heal, as the name suggests, heals you without drinking pots. However, if you have lots of HP pots, then you don't need it too.
- Holy Symbol gives extra exp when you are in a party. Pretty useful too.
- Resurrection revives the dead. Thus it is useful if you are in a party. If you train alone, then you don't need it.
- Genesis is an AOE attack and hence allows you to level a lot faster. However, if you have Combo Attack and Dragon Roar with Strength more than 5000, you don't need it, because Genesis is really slow.
- Mystic Door is used so that one can return to his/her training place when he/she goes to town to repot etc. This saves a lot of time if you train somewhere faraway from town.
- *Bless can be replaced with Beholder, which gives you more buffs than Bless

2. Night Lord

Useful skills: Claw Booster, Haste, Meso UP, Shadow Partner, Flash Jump, Shadow Stars

- Claw Booster increases attacking speed.
- Haste allows you to move faster. (Best combined with Flash Jump)
- Meso UP increases meso rate. This is a good skill if you want lots of mesos. =P
- Shadow Partner allows you to attack twice. Only works for certain skills though. (Works for: Lucky Seven, Triple Throw, Strafe, Double Shot, Arrow Rain, Arrow Erruption, Hurricane, Rapid Fire)
- Flash Jump is useful if you want to move at a faster rate. (A lot faster compared to Teleport)
- Shadow Stars allows you to attack without the use of stars. This is very useful if your fighting boss monsters.
- *Triple Throw is only available when you are wielding a claw. If you don't plan to reborn to a Night Lord, don't keep it.
- *Dark Sight is useless unless you want to use Assassinate. If you want to afk, use a rope instead.

3. Bow Master

Useful skills: Soul Arrow:Bow, Strafe, Sharp Eyes, Hurricane, Concentrate

- Soul Arrow: Bow allows you to attack without using up your arrows. However, it doesn't add Attack even if you use Bronze and Diamond Arrows.
- Strafe gives 4 hits per attack. With Shadow Partner, you can hit 8 times per attack. (If you prefer Hurricane, then keep Hurricane only)
- Sharp Eyes increases critical rate, allowing you to hit more than usual at times.
- Hurricane allows you to shoot continuously while using up MP. It is effective when fighting bosses.
- Concentrate gives a maximum of Weapon Attack 26. However, it will be cancelled when Beholder is summoned. Well, you choose: Concentrate or Beholder.
- *Focus gives you a maximum of 20 Accuracy and Avoidability. However, Bless or Beholder can do the job with more buffs available.
- *Arrow Rain can only be used with a Bow in hand. Genesis or Dragon Roar is more preferrable.
- *Bow Booster: You don't really need it since you have Hurricane.

4. Hero

Useful skills: Sword Booster, Combo Attack, Power Stance, Brandish, Enrage

- Sword Booster improves attacking speed. Don't bother adding Axe Booster since sword can also be used for Paladin job.
- Combo Attack gives additional damage to monsters. It gives high damage when used with Dragon Roar.
- Power Stance prevents you from being knock-backed when attacked, so you don't have to keep adjusting to aim at the monsters.
- Brandish is one cool skill where attack the monster twice. It can be used as a main attacking skill.
- Enrage gives Weapon Attack 26, just like Concentrate. Only add this skill if you don't have Concentrate, because Concentrate is easier to activate.
- *Rage only gives Weapon Attack 10 compared to Concentrate and Enrage which gives Weapon Attack 26.
- *Power Guard is useless since you can just use Heal or consume pots.
- *Shout is really useless if you compare it to Dragon Roar. The Range is small, and the Attack is really low.
- *Rush: You don't really need it if you are using AOE skills.

5. Paladin

Useful Skills: Sword Booster, Fire/Ice/Thunder Charge, Power Stance, Holy Charge

- Sword Booster improves attacking speed. Don't bother adding BW Booster since sword can also be used for Hero job.
- Fire/Ice/Thunder Charge is useful depending on what monsters you are dealing with. To minimise space usage, just keep 1.
- Power Stance prevents you from being knock-backed when attacked, so you don't have to keep adjusting to aim at the monsters.
- Holy Charge is useful against undead monsters. You can use it with Dragon Roar and Combo Attack at Skelegons to level faster.
- Heaven's Hammer deals large damage to monsters. However, I don't think it works in most servers due to the high damage.
- *Threaten doesn't really help much if you are mob-killing with Genesis or Dragon Roar.
- *Power Guard and *Rush, refer to Hero job.

This border ends the important classes. The below jobs don't really give good skills.

6. Dark Knight

Skills to consider: Spear Booster, Spear Crusher, Dragon Roar, Power Stance

- Spear Booster improves attacking speed
- Spear Crusher can be used as a main attacking skill when fighting bosses.
- Dragon Roar is an AOE attack which is a lot faster than Genesis. (Use it with Dragon Roar and Ice/Fire/Thunder/ Holy Charge to maximise damage)
- Power Stance prevents you from being knock-backed when attacked, so you don't have to keep adjusting to aim at the monsters.
- *Hyper Body is useless if you have Max HP and MP.
- *Dragon Fury (Spear): Use Dragon Roar instead of Dragon Fury.
- *Dragon Blood can be replaced with Concentrate.
- *Rush: Refer to Paladin/ Hero jobs.

7. Shadower

Skills to consider: Dagger Booster, Boomerang Step

- Dagger Booster inproves attacking speed.
- Boomerang Step can be used as a main attacking skill when fighting bosses
- *Meso Guard is not really useful if you have 1000~ LUK since your avoidability will be 999+
- *Savage Blow, *Mesos Explosion, *Assassinate, *Smoke Shell are used just to look cool =P

** Be a Night Lord instead so you can travel a lot faster...

8. Ice/Lightning, Fire/Poison Arch Mage

Skills to consider: Meditation, Spell Booster, Blizzard(I/L), Meteor Shower(F/P)

- Meditation adds 20 Magic to enhance Genesis. Blizzard or Meteor Shower
- Spell Booster improves attack speed when using magic.
- Blizzard/ Meteor Shower are AOE attacks which allows you to level faster. (You don't really need them if you have Genesis)

** As a Bishop, you can use Genesis and heal/ ressurect others if you need to. I/L and F/P Arch Mage are basically useless.

9. Marksman

Skills to consider: Crossbow Booster, Soul Arrow: Crossbow, Arrow Eruption~, Piercing Arrow~

- Crossbow Booster improves attacking speed.
- Soul Arrow: Crossbow allows you to attack without using up your arrows. However, it doesn't add Attack even if you use Bronze and Diamond Arrows.
- Piercing Arrow: You can use it as a main attacking skill.
- *Blizzard: You don't need it if you can 1 hit KO monsters =D

** Bow Master is a lot stronger compared to Marksman.

Additional Note: Do not save more than 3 Boosters in your Keyboard. Only save Boosters for the weapon you are using.

Enjoy! Smile

- Still updating

If there are other skills you want me to list out, post below and I will add it in... =D

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Skills to keep when rebirth
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