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 Rules & Regulations (ALL TO READ)

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations (ALL TO READ)   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:53 pm

Maple RULES!!

1) Strictly NO HACKING or BOTTING is allowed. Any form of hacking and botting will result in a BAN. (item vac, monster vac, godmode, packet editing, afk while attacking mob, fly/swim mode and moree) (If players want to report please post your screen shot too)

2) Vulgar words / language are NOT ALLOWED! Speaking vulgar words on MEGA will result in a BAN or JAIL depending on the situation. GMs will decide on it.

3) NO SPAMMING of mega as it will result in AUTOBAN. If AUTOBAN is not activated, GMs witnessing it will JAIL/BAN. (No more than 2 same megas in a row)

4) Any Form of INSULT will cause the player to be JAILED or BAN. NO insulting ANYWHERE! (Players please screen shot n post in ban/unban section)
(Refer to Rule 6. RESPECT others!)

5) NO KSING and CAMPING in boss map or JAIL! Players, if you see this, please screenshot and put it in forum.

6) RESPECT other players and GMs are important. If you want to be respected by others , please respect other people first. BE POLITE to everyone. GMs will JAIL players who are disrespectful to others.

7) SCREEN SHOTS from GMs , will be either in the GAME or the DATABASE. Hackers , please do not say there is no IN GAME screen shot when there is a DATABASE screen shot.

8) Do not ASK items or ANYTHING (including FAMES) from GM. You will be JAILED if you keep asking. The GM you ask will decide how long you will be jailed.

9) Dont ask GM to warp you to other place as it will be unfair to other players who have to walk to reach the place. GM will ignore u. (You can only ask GMs to warp you in a case of an EVENT)

10) When you all argue in the game, it is your own problem. When you argue, DON'T use mega. You can either use whisper or find a map to chat. Dont ask GM for help, Settle yourselves. (Arguing in mega will result in both/all parties jailed)

11) TRACKING GM is definitely not allowed. GM will give u a warning , if you refuse to leave then GM will consider on you jail time.

12) Begging GMs to add you in BUDDY LIST is also not allowed. (It's fine if the GM wants to add)

13) BADMOUTHING the server over mega is strictly NOT ALLOWED. If your unhappy with the server, just quit. DO NOT INFLUENCE the others.



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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Regulations (ALL TO READ)   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:32 pm

Nice one Very Happy
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Rules & Regulations (ALL TO READ)
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